Meet Your Title Agent

About Michele Chardt

As a resident of Florida since 1979, Michele has a very distinct knowledge of the area.  She graduated from Martin County High School in 1990 and later graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, which enhances her ability to truly understand a client’s motivation.  “Many people ask me why I chose Social Work.  It was a personal journey for me and I really felt that it was so important to understand people and my degree helps me do that.”

Her Experience

Michele started in the real estate and title insurance industry in 1990 and started doing closings in 1993.  She later became a Licensed Title Agent and with so many years of experience and knowledge, she has been able to perfect the closing process through her organized and efficient procedures.  “The thing I hear most often is people want to be informed.  I often joke with them that they will probably hear from me so much that they’ll get tired of me.  So far, no one has gotten tired of me.”